2008 BMW 3 Series

Stock# CEI141076

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<P style = "background-color:powderblue"> <font color="Black"> <B>RUNS & DRIVES! <BR><BR> <i>SMOGGED! $75.00 Fee will be applied after the sale</B></I></font></P> <P><font color="black">Charity Donated Vehicle <I><U>SOLD AS-IS</I></U> <P>Please note all visible defects in the photos are an extension of written condition report. Buyer agrees that they have read and agreed to Capital City Auto Auction's Terms and Conditions</font></P> ***<br><b>Title Announcements:</b><br>DEALER & DISMANTLER ONLY<br><br>Buyer agrees to check for outstanding recalls on the sale vehicle, and to contact either their local dealership or use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website to check the vehicle’s recall status.

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